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Another important aspect of cutaneous adverse drug reactions is the medicolegal aspect.
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Safety of medicines-a guide to detecting and reporting adverse drug reactions.
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Key words: Tuberculosis (TB), pulmonary tuberculosis (PTB), adverse drug reactions (ADRs), directly observed therapy short course (DOTS).
In this study, male and female had equal incidence of development of an adverse drug reactions.
Adverse drug reaction monitoring: comparing doctor and patient reporting for new drugs.
They have been trained to look for adverse drug reactions and nutrient interactions.
It estimates that more than 9 million adverse drug reactions occur annually among older Americans, whose aging bodies often don't process medicines as efficiently as when they were younger.
The majority of ADRs occur with drugs that are well established in clinical practice and adverse drug reaction numbers largely reflect drug usage (5)(10).
Creation of a pharmaco-epidemiological database to improve scientific understanding of drug use and outcomes, to monitor adverse drug reaction reports, and to evaluate alternative methods of providing drug services.
5 adverse drug reaction reports per 100,000 population; the rate among persons aged [is greater than or equal to] 65 years is 16.