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Auction Preferred Stock. A type of Dutch Auction Preferred Stock (Goldman Sachs product).

Auction Preferred Stock

A preferred stock with an adjustable dividend that changes every seven weeks according to the results of a Dutch auction. Every preferred stock has a guaranteed dividend; an auction market preferred stock is distinguished by the fact that the amount of its dividends changes from time to time. An auction market preferred stock is beneficial for some investors because the auction reveals the current market yield every seven weeks, which helps in investment decisions on whether to buy, sell, or hold. It is also called an auction rate preferred stock or a Dutch auction preferred stock.
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It has several impressive features including the first ISO 800 film for the 24mm Advanced Photo System and a flash that has a greater reach, perfect for difficult lighting situations.
Canon ELPH cameras incorporated all of the signature functions of the then new Advanced Photo System formatCo that is where any similarity to the other Advanced Photo System cameras ended.
distributor of world-renowned Nikon digital still cameras, Nikon professional 35mm photography systems, compact automatic 35mm and Advanced Photo System cameras, film scanners, the Nikon speedlight system, interchangeable Nikkor lenses, Nikonos underwater photographic systems, Nikon Eyewear, Nikon sports and recreational optics, Nikon microscopes for the biosciences, industrial and microelectronics inspection and measuring systems, and Nikon surveying and ophthalmic instruments.
Princess Cruise Line is one of Nikon's marketing partners, and has equipped on-board photo labs with Advanced Photo System film processing capabilities.
The Nuvis 300 also offers such popular Advanced Photo System technologies as quick and easy drop-in film loading; three print types [classic (C) group (H) and panoramic (P)], as well as date and time imprinting on the back of every picture and an index print with every roll processed for easy picture review.
It offers consumers a broad range of Advanced Photo System features, as well as unique features which are distinctively Canon's, including an elegant yet durable stainless steel body; an ultra-sharp 23-46mm all-glass aspheric zoom lens; superior AF performance using Canon's exclusive Hybrid AF active/passive autofocus technology; a new built-in Light Guide flash, 1/900 second top shutter speed and fully automatic operation.
While professional photographers including photojournalists, sports and fashion shooters, and scientific and industrial photographers overwhelmingly select the F5 as their camera of choice, Nikon's innovation and technology extends to a full line of 35mm and Advanced Photo System (Advanced Photo System) SLRs.
35mm and Advanced Photo System cameras into high-quality digital images.
The grand prize winner will receive Minolta's Vectis S-1 Advanced Photo System camera kit including the camera, 28-56 zoom lens, one roll of film and CRS lithium batteries, as well as 12 rolls of IX240 Advanced Photo System film.
March 4 /PRNewswire/ -- One of the first World Wide Web sites totally dedicated to the photo industry's new Advanced Photo System was unveiled by Fuji Photo Film U.

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