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A person who has reached the age of majority. This age is usually 18, but may be 17 in criminal cases or 21 in other cases. An adult is legally permitted to enter a contract, do business, or conduct any other activity without permission or countersignature by a parent or guardian


One who has gained the age of majority, usually 18 or 21 depending on the state. Sometimes, younger people can take legal steps to remove the “disabilities of nonage,” after which they will be treated as legal adults even though under the requisite age. Only adults have the legal capacity to enter into contracts or sell property. Minors may own real estate, but, because of the inability to enter contracts, they cannot effectively manage it, obtain a mortgage, or sell the property. If such actions should prove necessary, the child's legal guardian will usually have to ask a court for permission for the proposed action.The court will then appoint a guardian ad litem to represent the child's interests, in case the guardian has a conflict of interest or clouded judgment.

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A special issue on young adult Catholics"), though timely and appreciated, seemed to be indicative of why young cradle Catholics don't go to church.
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3% of the young adults reported fear caused by the personal protective equipment worn by dental personnel.
African Americans represent 34% of the older adults who live at or below the poverty level while Hispanics represent 21% of this population as compared older white adults who comprise 11% of all older adults living in poverty (U.
3) Readiness to learn: Adults become ready to learn things that they need to know or be able to do to fulfill their role in society.
Given that adolescent communication is replete with words, phrases, and even delivery styles often having different and even opposite connotations to adults, it is possible that the adults may have perceived students' verbal behaviors as more hostile and aggressive than did the students.
Adult reentry students are a growing population on university campuses.
Other examples in the reproductive area include developmental exposures of the monkey to androgens that lead to polycystic ovary syndrome-like effects in the adult, data (still considered controversial) showing that environmental estrogens, such as DES, methoxychlor and bisphenol A, cause alterations in gene expression in the rat prostate that are irreversible and are correlated with increased prostate cancer, and data showing a link between in utero exposure to dioxin and endometriosis later in life in primates and rodents.
Captain Richard Adams of the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department says that Central Jail's juvenile module is "no different than the other single-man modules on that floor where we have adults who are being housed.
Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital, the main referral hospital for southern Malawi, admits approximately 12,000 children and 10,000 adults per year.
First, make sure your programs, and the faculty who teach them, are truly focused on and interested in adults and their needs.