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His Highness the Premier asserted that such challenges and dangers facing the region require that efforts be doubled in order to adress such challenges in order to achieve ambitions of the dear homeland and its people.
Led by PCDMA Chairman Haroon Nisar Numberdar, the delegation discussed various issues pertaining to their business with FPCCI President Mian Mohammad Adress.
ADRESS worn by Manchester United and England star Wayne Rooney's wife is to be auctioned in Northumberland.
They didn't expect to be questioned whether they are proud of being part Arab or asked for their Google account email adress and password.
In an adress marking the First Judges Day held in the Supreme Court in downtown Cairo yesterday, Mubarak stressed that he was keen on maintaining the independence of Egypt's judiciary.
It suggests five principles of priority setting to adress this fragmentation: a) institutional commitment to achieving the ICPD PoA; b) investment in health systems capacity building with priority attention to universally accessible comprehensive SRH services; c) prioritisation of prevention programmes in schools, communities and health systems; d) incorporating SRHR fully into national, district and local-level HIV programmes, and conversely, incorporating HIV prevention and treatment into all SRH information and services; and e) amendment of HIV/AIDS policies and budgets of bilateral and multilateral donors to invest in SRHR.
Senate Environment and Public Works Committee chaired by Democrat Barbara Boxer held two separate hearings on climate change legislation today to adress economic opportunities for agriculture, forestry communities and others, and the role of transportation in climate change.
Ever increasing national debts compound the government's inability to adress national concerns or provide much needed infrastructure and public services.