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The drive to reduce administrative budgets has led to the domination of large-scale privatised companies in the delivery of our public services at the cost of small, localised businesses.
Even though the issuers spent less on administrative costs, the share of their administrative budgets that went to sales and marketing actually increased, to 28 percent, from 26 percent.
The Board also approved administrative budgets presented by the bank's management for the year 1435H including those for the Waqf Fund, the Islamic Research and Training Institute (IRTI), the 2nd Infrastructure Fund as well as the Islamic Solidarity Fund for Development (ISFD).
"So we decided to reduce the so-called administrative budgets of the ministries, but to leave the opportunity for them to budget, on competitive basis, projects oriented towards concrete results using these appropriations," said the Minister.
The meeting will examine matters related to these institutions notably the adoption of yearly reports on financial activities, administrative budgets and the appointment of financial controllers.
Derek Vaughan's (S&D, UK) request for all EU institutions to "freeze" their administrative budgets in 2013 was backed by a majority in the European Parliament, on 16 February.
In the face of that $21.7 million shortfall, the budget includes saving $7.4 million through staff layoffs; using $5 million in reserves; reducing central office and administrative budgets by $3.5 million; and closing four elementary schools - Coburg, Crest Drive, Meadow lark and Parker - for a savings of $900,000 a year.
Future installments of this budgeting series will include a brief discussion of each of the budgets used in a Master Budget: production, including direct materials, direct labor, and manufacturing overhead budgets; ending inventory budgets; selling and administrative budgets; a cash budget; and pro forma financial statements, including a Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Statement of Cash Flows.
They offer a long list of suggested reforms, ranging from reviewing and simplifying the law to tying administrative budgets to needs, changing court fee structures, bundling claims, and making better use of the media and technology.
The Vice Chancellors of the four Universities were asked by the Council to budget for their respective administrative budgets. The cabinet also noted the gradual return of the three universities from Khartoum which would begin with the first year students in most faculties in the next academic year.
Due to declining administrative budgets, which often translate to decreasing field staff, and increasing caseloads resulting from the recessionary pressures in the economy, state and local governments have turned to alternative methods of delivery service to their customers.
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