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The settlement of a dispute by the declaration of a court. For example, a court adjudicates a lawsuit when it decides which party, if either, wins, and whether or how much money to award. What distinguishes adjudication is the fact that it involves a court. See also: Arbitration.


A formal declaration by a court,addressing all issues raised by the parties.

Example: The court's adjudication declared the seller in default, ordered the seller to execute a deed to the buyer, and further assessed attorney's fees and costs against the seller.

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49] Thirty-six cases adjudicated by the Jp of Jonzac in 1792 averaged 5 livres per decision.
Existing law provides for probation by juvenile offenders, unless the juvenile has been previously convicted of certain offenses or adjudicated as a juvenile delinquent.
Research report on the incarceration diversion camp project for adjudicated delinquents.
George will be assuming the responsibility for assessing the company's portfolio of water rights, including adjudicated groundwater, surface diversions, storage conveyance and contractual entitlements, with the objective of improving coordination, dependability, and value to customers of AWR's subsidiaries and AWR's shareholders.
The agreement with FedMed is the seventh such credentialing agreement executed between the Company and similar US Preferred Provider Organisations ( PPOs ) and brings the cumulative total number of covered lives for which its BREVAGen risk assessment test could be adjudicated as in-network to more than 102 million.
The three-day events include workshops, panels, and performances where student and faculty choreography are adjudicated by dance professionals.
Students are adjudicated and given grades and commentary.
The FBI operates under a 180-day deadline for the completion of all internal inquiries, beginning with the receipt of the allegation and ending when the case becomes adjudicated.
If we can take the paperwork hassle out of going to see your doctor and getting your claims adjudicated or getting a prescription filled-I think that's a tremendous benefit.
The department investigated it, adjudicated it, and the outcome speaks for itself.
Two particular disputes frequently adjudicated in Southern courts constitute the bulk of his analysis.
Over time, GASP will find that Phynance assists in strengthening relationships between providers and payors by fostering a better understanding of how claims should be submitted and adjudicated based on contract terms.