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The uncertainty associated with any investment. That is, risk is the possibility that the actual return on an investment will be different from its expected return. A vitally important concept in finance is the idea that an investment that carries a higher risk has the potential of a higher return. For example, a zero-risk investment, such as a U.S. Treasury security, has a low rate of return, while a stock in a start-up has the potential to make an investor very wealthy, but also the potential to lose one's entire investment. Certain types of risk are easier to quantify than others. To the extent that risk is quantifiable, it is generally calculated as the standard deviation on an investment's average return.




(1) In finance,the amount that one may lose in an investment;the potential loss,which could be the capital invested plus any personal liability on loans in excess of the value of the property securing the loans. (2) In the market, the process of making a property known to the marketplace as available for sale or lease.(3) Physically, the direction of an improvement;for example,“The southern exposure of the house had all the best views.”

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Despite the strong chronic association, we did not observe an acute association with cold temperature during cold season in our acute exposure analysis.
This coupled with the above-mentioned renal diuresis and increased evaporative cooling can lead to rapid dehydration upon acute exposure to altitude (8).
Hepagam B (Hepatitis B Immune Globulin, Human) is effective for the treatment of acute exposure to hepatitis B.
Acute exposure can cause severe burns, scarring and other ailments.
In Boulder, Montana, people suffering rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune disorders are descending 85 feet into a former mine to benefit, they say, from acute exposure to radon.
In Toronto, in an average year during the period, the report notes that 822 premature deaths were related to acute exposure to five common smog pollutants, 120 deaths were heat related and 105 were cold related.
In this study we investigated if PKC-dependent DAT phosphorylation and transport activity were affected by acute exposure of dopamine or the transport blockers such as cocaine, mazindol, GBR12909, or the cocaine analog CFT.
Teague said that although there is a lot of evidence about children's acute exposure to air pollution, additional research about possible deleterious long-term effects is needed.
Most casualties are caused by burns, injuries from the flying debris of buildings collapsed by the shock wave, and acute exposure to the high radiation.
Allergic symptoms can last for only hours from an acute exposure (like visiting a home that has a pet you're allergic to) or can last for weeks or months, if the allergen is always present.

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