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Activity Level

1. See: Active Stocks.

2. The level to which an activity incurs a cost for a company.

activity level

a measure of output which can be expressed in units of production, direct labour hours, machine hours or some other basis.
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The company believes Q1 international E&P activity levels will be flat from the preceding Q4 levels with most ongoing international development projects to be funded largely from the operating budgets.
In contrast, total physical activity levels among 19-year-olds were comparable to the activity levels of people at age 60.
The Scottish Government study tracked activity levels of 774 kids aged between 10 and 11 over eight days.
A new study revealed that activity levels in America are low-much lower than previously thought, in fact.
And, the study found, starting at age 35, activity levels declined through midlife and older adulthood.
High caloric diets and low physical activity levels are accepted as risk factors for obesity; however, the extent of obesity prevalence cannot be entirely explained by these risk factors (Newbold et al.
Activity levels were assessed on two consecutive visits over six years.
HITTING the gym in the hope of burning up calories to lose weight can backfire as the body adapts to higher activity levels, a study has found.
An information form prepared by researchers questioning the socio-demographical information of individuals and "International Physical Activity Questionnaire" which assess the physical activity levels of elderly people were used in collection of data.
BRAXTON HICKS CONTRACTIONS | Infrequent, they occur every five to 10 minutes a few times a day Not constant, don't last longer than a few seconds Severity depends on activity levels as the contractions stop when you slow down, sit down or change position Usually quite weak or strong in the beginning, getting weaker with time Felt mostly in the lower abdomen LABOUR CONTRACTIONS | Occur more regularly, usually two to three minutes apart Each one tends to last for about 30 to 90 seconds Remain consistent regardless of your activity level and position Cause a sharp pain | May begin in the abdomen, then moving toward the lower back or vice versa
A special focus is on the aerodynamics of the exhalation flow and on the importance of the person's activity levels expressed as volume flow rate and breathing frequency.
While it is common practice at the yard to adjust the temporary workforce to existing activity levels, no decision has been made to let people go next year.