activity level

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Activity Level

1. See: Active Stocks.

2. The level to which an activity incurs a cost for a company.

activity level

a measure of output which can be expressed in units of production, direct labour hours, machine hours or some other basis.
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It said: "In most regions, activity levels improved towards the end of the third quarter.
Hankinson, of the Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University, Chicago, and colleagues conducted a study to evaluate the relationship between maintaining higher activity levels and changes in body mass index (BMI) and waist circumference over 20 years in young adults.
There was some comfort for the civil engineering sector as the index for activity levels stood at 49.
But despite increased activity levels the amount of new business fell slightly, with continued business uncertainty being blamed.
In particular, those firms providing services linked to the aerospace industry reported that activity levels were down over the month.
Success can be found in personal achievements such as feeling better about yourself as you learn to increase activity levels and make better food choices," says Dr.
Traditionally, pooled microsomes have consisted of a wide range of averaged enzyme activity levels in an attempt to address a variety of different assay requirements with a single product.
These small differences may seem trivial but over the course of a month or a year they could be significant, especially to weight, the researcher added, Factors which influenced a mother's activity levels included whether she worked or not and whether the child had brothers or sisters.
In humans, activity levels vary widely from couch-potato-style inactivity to highly active athletic endeavours.
This is matched by confidence in activity levels, which has risen by 65 points to plus 37.
Scans obtained 6 months later revealed higher activity levels in attention- and vision-related parts of the right brain and a moderation of neural bustle in the left brain.
However, those of us who recognize the positive benefits of today's conservative approach would say that the outlook remains positive in light of current activity levels and the well-gauged progress of new development.