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In turn, management, which can impact fishing targets, times, techniques, numbers of fishermen, and other variables (the appendix lists activity attributes) has an influence on various attributes of the occupation of fishing.
In Alaska this was accomplished with the Pacific halibut (Hippoglossus stenolepis)/sablefish (Anoplopoma fimbria) IFQ program, which climinated the short "derby fishing" (14) seasons, and spread fishing out over a longer period (activity attributes).
Due to these enforcement activities, scaling was reduced (activity attributes), denying hunters a pursuit they enjoyed (activity satisfaction) and one that provided them with food and prestige in the community (social-community attributes).
Violations of the ban, however, continued (social problems), both covertly by changing sealing times and locations (activity attributes) and overtly, with seal being consumed at community parties (social problems).
Coordination requirements for the responsible actors are inferred from these actor and activity attributes.
In this way, hierarchical relationships are constructed that link conceptual information with sensor observations through activity attributes. Above-mentioned considerations similarly make decision tree classifier a first choice with the advantage of easier to build multilevel heuristic structure as decision tree is a set of if-then rules which are successively applied to the input data.
In this binary tree structure, each internal node is replaced with an activity attribute related binary classifier, so as that a multiclassification problem transforms into multiple binary classification problem which can make the most use of balanced binary tree and internal binary subclassifiers.
In PKDT method, a knowledge-driven recognition path flows from the root node to leaf node, passing by activity attribute related internal classifier.
The research data collected in this review highlight the synthetic and structural bioinorganic profile of vanadium along with its biological activity attributes, collectively formulating the significant potential of unique structure-based and immune process-specific vanadodrugs for the detection, prevention, and treatment of immune system aberrations.
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