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This implies an emphasis on value-based relationship selling and active account maintenance, a solid account rating system, active efforts to improve the compatibility of borderline accounts and separation from customer accounts that are not, and likely never will be, sufficiently compatible.
At present, Meridien reports, only about 600,000 customers are active account aggregation users, a number far below the figure needed to call the concept a success.
Existing active account numbers will be replaced by SBRN account numbers on a one for one basis, so the SBRN will not affect the ability of large corporations to keep different account numbers for different locations.
Our total number of active accounts grew by approximately 27% in 2017, and we expect a similar level of growth this year.
This tender is split into 3 lots: Lot 1: Active Accounts, 1st placement.
Active accounts for 529 prepaid plans in 4Q 2014 totaled 1,358,907, up 1.