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The FIA director general also expressed delight that Botswana had registered significant progress under the third action item, which relates to the use of financial intelligence.
This item will be struck from the action item list.
One such method allows technology to be implemented to perform inspections with electronic signatures, creating and communicating action items, electronically updating maps and the overall electronic management of all environmental documentation, management, and communication.
In addition to two letters relating to the Action Plan generally, TEI has commented on Action Item 1 (Digital economy), Action 2 (Hybrid mismatch arrangements), Action 6 (Preventing treaty abuse), and Action 13 (Re-examine transfer pricing documentation, which includes the country-by-country reporting template).
Action item: Develop and execute special events to draw potential consumers (caregivers and residents/patients) into the community.
Action item: Look at your job expectations and add to them.
The review presented the documents evaluated plus open and closed action items. Based upon the results, the program manager made the decision to go forward with the second phase, CAM discussions.
Action Item. The Board should question whether outside expertise is needed and ask questions as to the assumptions of increased revenues, cost savings and other synergies.
Even the simplest of tasks of contacting a vendor and confirming a hardware or software related issue was placed on the action item list and delegated as a task.
Accessible to all members of the project team through the Intranet site is a comprehensive database of intended action items. At the draft stage for any action item listed on the Intranet site, users can create a private draft for review or completion at a later time.
One of Carole's personal goals was to finish her MBA; therefore, that has been an action item on her Personal Development Plan for the past several years.
"That's my action item and yet to be completed," England said.
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