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1. See: Activity.

2. In insurance, any deed, especially one that foregoes the possibility of coverage. For example, life insurance policies rarely extend coverage if the policyholder commits suicide. In this case, the suicide is called an act.
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The people of Gilgit-Baltistan and demanded that instead of governing Gilgit-Baltistan through Presidential Orders, the area should be governed through an Act of Parliament of Pakistan.
According to PIRAN, NGOs are supposed to be part of the civil society sector, distinct from government and the private/business sector, and that anything contrary to this is out of place, and stressed the need for an Act of Parliament to regulate the operations of NGOs to ensure transparency and accountability.
The only thing we want is our movement to be recognised and declared by an Act of Parliament as the one which liberated Kenya from colonialism," Mr Kahengeri told MPs.But the war veterans had a difficult time explaining why they seek recognition of only one movement, when many from different parts of the country participated in the struggle.
First time the PTI government will introduce governance system in GB through an act of Parliament rather than executive orders,' the minister said.
Network Rail are trying to remove thousand of trees, even though it is against an act of parliament.
BISP was passed through an act of Parliament and the board had passed the logo of BISP with the picture of the great leader."Nayyar said that removing her picture showed that the anti-Bhutto elements were still trying to allure the extremists.
Once that Bill has been passed by Parliament, no matter how badly drafted, deficient or perverse it may be, it becomes law as an Act of Parliament. The Referendum Bill of 2015 could have indicated that it was advisory only - it did not.
Recently, the Cabinet granted approval to the government to set up an institution, Suwasariya Foundation by an Act of Parliament to expand the 1990 ambulance service island-wide.
Theresa May and her ministers have made clear that they see March 29, 2019, as the date that Britain will cease to be a member of the EU but writing it into an Act of Parliament makes it legally binding and much harder to challenge.
According to the statement of objects and reasons, the bill seeks to provide legal cover to the process of absorption/adjustment of civil servants belongings to the devolved ministries / divisions / departments / offices / organizations by an Act of Parliament.
A WELL-KNOWN businessman has called on Cardiff council to promote an Act of Parliament aimed at ridding the city centre of street traders.