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The amount of land fenced off is far more than is needed and given the opposition over this between residents and Kader FC it seems clear that this is just a vindictive act of shoving two fingers up at those who opposed this modern day "Act of enclosure." And what was a pleasant area available to all is now the preserve of those willing to pay for access to what has for decades been freely available!
1813 An Act of Enclosure places Ascot Heath and Windsor Forest into the ownership of the Crown.
(28) In addition to opening the global South as a sink for surplus agricultural commodities from the US and European Union, the WTO regulations on IPRs and GMOs constituted a truly breathtaking act of enclosure. Legitimated once again through the argument that integration into international markets would ensure the conservation of biodiversity by promoting increasing GNP in poor nations, WTO IPR regulations reinforced state control of genetic resources throughout the global South while mandating legal mechanisms for the exploitation of those resources by transnational corporations.
And Mr Quarmby said under the 1834 Act of enclosure, 49 small public quarries were allocated to the Surveyor of Highways of the seven townships.
Under a Parliamentary Act of Enclosure, clergymen had to abide by the same requirements for drains, ditches, hedges, and fences that every other landowner faced when contiguous fields were divided.
The small patchwork fields between Warton and Austrey have probably changed little since the Act of Enclosure and it is this area which features in our walk today.