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Many anti-BDS American Jews don't know the basic facts and key issues of the BDS call, says Peter Beinart--only the acronym and its alleged synonymity with anti-Semitism.
One of the more confusing uses of acronyms I have ever witnessed happened during a trip to Minnesota.
This enables the Free FAA Acronyms App to be a living app updated consistently by NSG and users alike--one of the first living apps of its kind.
Table 10: Acronym derivations Prefix Abbreviation/ Derived Ndebele Acronym noun .
Also, a single acronym might be spelled out in different ways (see NAME in Table 1).
No matter whom she's addressing, Davis says, "I definitely try to reference the actual law before I use any acronym.
Please do not get me started on TLA's, FLA's, and RAS (Redundant Acronym Syndrome).
This acronym for random access memory is pronounced ram, and next to the CPU it's generally the second most important component of a component.
The purpose of research described in the current study to investigate on particular approach as a theoretical format of abbreviation and acronym strategy which is an easy, simple, powerful, and applicable strategy for learners of the other languages.
Abstract This article analyzes the general psychology of Koreans in the aftermath of the Asian financial crisis, using connotative semiotics and sociolinguis-tics as its main tools, and investigates the various meanings of the acronym IMF that was used in South Korea several months after the blow of the financial crisis.
An acronym is composed from the first letters of a set of words, written in uppercase style.
Not that VRM is a bad idea: As the power dynamic in the vendor-customer relationship shifts ever more in favor of the latter, it's only sensible that an acronym comparable to "CRM" would come along to connote the individual's ability to manage interactions with the brands vying for her attention.