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A measure of area, especially of land. The area of an acre is not standardized; an American acre is slightly larger than an international acre. It is roughly 4,840 square yards. Historically, an acre is said to be an approximation of the land a single ox could plough in a day. It is often used in real estate transactions.
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Historically, the amount of land a yoke of oxen could plow in one day;today,a quantity of land containing 43,560 square feet.An acre can be any shape.Especially in the case of commercial properties,land values are usually expressed in terms of price per square foot rather then price per acre.

Example:  If you know that a 16-acre parcel recently sold for $10,000,000, you calculate the price per foot as follows:

16 acres      43,560 square feet per acre       696,960 square feet

$10,000,000     696,960 feet     $14.35 per square foot

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4 Deh Bhutti 9-12 Three years Rs.5,000/ - per acre per annum -do-
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