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Reports of acid burn cases are alarmingly on the rise but legislation to counter this remains wanting.
In the event of an acid burn, call emergency medical services and until they arrive, keep flood the burn area with water where the acid was spilled.
In the meantime, they continued, someone threw acid bottles on the protesters from the roof of the plaza leaving 45 protesters with sever acid burn injuries.
5 are Acid Burn, Junkyard, Paper Mache and more than 100 different variations of the popular Emulsion family of frames that allow users to depict any number of camera edge effects.
He also cited establishment of Violence against Women Centre in Multan, District Acid Burn Survivor Boards, Women's Empowerment Packages.
Acid burn survivors from across Cambodia gather for a support meeting.
She could feel the acid burn into her face, forehead, neck, chest, hands and abdomen.
It was like a sort of sun burn or acid burn covering the whole of my back.
The artistes that performed for the support of the cause were Abu FareedAyaz, HumeiraChanna, Kashmir The Band, Sounds of Kolachi, Lyari Underground, Abid Brohi, the Viccaji sisters, Natasha Baig, AimaBaig, Mussarrat Misbah and her many acid burn survivors, Ansar Burney, Maheen Khan and Zurein Imam.
It looked like an acid burn - it began to blister andweep.
AN OPERATOR sustained a minor acid burn after a leak on the Wilton site today.
The gases also form nitric acid on contact with water, which can cause a serious acid burn.