Accumulation unit

Accumulation Unit

1. In a unit trust, a structure whereby a unit holder automatically reinvests profits from the trust, rather than accepts them as dividends. See also: DRIP.

2. In a variable annuity, the shares that the annuity has purchased with the money the annuitant has invested in it.

Accumulation unit.

Accumulation units are the shares you own in the separate account funds of a variable annuity during the period you're putting money into your annuity.

If you own the annuity in a 401(k) plan, each time you make a contribution that amount is added to one or more of the separate account funds to buy additional accumulation units.

The value of your annuity is figured by multiplying the number of units you own by the dollar value of each unit. During the accumulation phase, that value changes to reflect the changing performance of the underlying investments in the separate account funds.

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The accumulation unit values of these accounts on the day his premium is received are set forth in the table below, along with the changes in the subaccounts that will occur when Mr.
The convolution method takes place at the multiplication accumulation unit (MAC) of the digital filter style.
The value of an accumulation unit is determined by dividing the market value of the underlying investments by the total number of units outstanding.
An accumulation unit, also referred to as a unit of credit, is the measure used to track the value of a variable annuity during the accumulation phase.
After the totes are emptied, they are placed on a slider belt conveyor and accumulation unit and before being automatically loaded on a continuously moving overhead system.
Your units may either be income units or accumulation units.
A local independent financial adviser can discuss the exact choice, but one possibility is Edinburgh Fund of Funds accumulation units (0800 028 6789).