accumulation area

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Accumulation area

A range within which a buyer accumulates shares of a stock. See: On-balance volume and distribution area.

Accumulation Area

A price range in which buyers buy large numbers of shares of a stock. One can identify an accumulation area if a stock only rarely falls below a certain price. On-balance Volume Method analysts use accumulation areas to recommend stock purchases because they believe such stocks will attract large numbers of buyers. See also: Distribution area.

accumulation area

In technical analysis, a rectangular-shaped chart formation produced when insiders and other knowledgeable investors purchase shares of stock from the public and characterized by little price movement but relatively heavy volume. If an accumulation area can be identified, it indicates a time to buy. Compare distribution area. See also rectangle.
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Due to different flooding patterns these areas have been denominated according to flood accumulation areas and plains.
These findings confirm the results of area change studies, which show that small basins at the periphery of the ice cap, with relatively low mean elevations and accumulation areas that do not extend to the main ice divides, are more sensitive to climatic change (Burgess and Sharp, 2004).
There should be two parts to a glacier: an accumulation area and an ablation area'.
Bahr from the Department of Physics and Computational Sciences, Regis University, US, found that given current accumulation areas and climate regimes, glaciers will lose about 27 percent of their volume before attaining equilibrium, a state where accumulation equals loss.
36] values characterize the sedimentation area, it is possible to estimate the intervals when the coring sites are situated within the accumulation areas.
Accumulation areas are being constructed for the temporary storage of solid waste.
Massachusetts DEP reported that during inspections conducted last year, department personnel determined that the company allegedly failed to provide adequate security for its waste oil accumulation area, failed to post signs, keep adequate records and properly delineate waste oil accumulation areas, failed to label hazardous waste and waste oil containers and failed to keep potentially incompatible wastes separated.
Inspectors also observed that the company failed to label and keep containers of waste oil covered, failed to properly label waste oil and hazardous waste accumulation areas, and failed to properly store and handle volatile organic compounds," the agency said.
Labs also have to comply with complicated federal and local regulations on satellite accumulation areas (SAAs).