Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income

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Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income (AOCI)

A balance sheet account that reports the total of all comprehensive income items except Net Income.
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The other major issue regarding comprehensive income-the presentation of reclassifications of OCI into net income, either in whole or part-was addressed in a proposed ASU issued in August 2012, Comprehensive Income (Topic 220): Presentation of Items Reclassified Out of Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income.
Therefore, in December 2011 the FASB issued ASU 2011-12, Deferral of the Effective Date for Amendments to the Presentation of Reclassifications of Items Out of Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income in Accounting Standards Update No.
In addition, pension assets and liabilities and accumulated other comprehensive income are adjusted so that their ending balances conform to the amounts required under SFAS 158.
Illustration 5 shows how the accumulated other comprehensive income would be presented in the stockholders' equity section of the balance sheet.
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