accounting exposure

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Accounting exposure

The change in the value of a firm's foreign currency-denominated accounts due to a change in exchange rates.

Accounting Exposure

The risk that a company may suffer a reduction in value because a change in exchange rates reduces the value of its accounts or assets denominated in foreign currencies. That is, if a particular currency in which a company has some assets denominated decreases in value, the value of those assets also decreases with respect to the company's main currency. See also: Foreign exchange risk.

accounting exposure

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Each year, Forbes works with GMI Ratings, a provider of research, data and analytics on environmental, social, governance (ESG) and forensic accounting risks affecting the performance of public companies, to identify the 100 Most Trustworthy Companies in the U.
The report comes after the Moody s ratings agency last week assigned "red flags" to 61 mainland firms with possible governance and accounting risks, triggering sharp falls in some Chinese companies listed in Hong Kong.
Financial and accounting risks are ubiquitous in organizations' activity.
The research conducted to reach the established objective focused on comprehensive documentation in the literature, in the Romanian regulations applicable in Romania to the organizations that manage venture capital, in the practice adopted under the responsibility of those charged with corporate management to collect information for the analysis of concepts, methods and procedures, which represent an object of the activities that contribute to managing financial and accounting risks within various entities.
If the compensation committee selects only a five year rolling period to cover accounting risks, a second risk-vesting factor must be introduced before the executive receives the performance based bonus after completion of the audit at the end of the fifth fiscal year.
Lawyer Vernaglia begins by breaking down the Office of Inspector General (OIG) guidelines into digestible nuggets, then covers OIG guidance on billing, documentation, accounting risks, the anti-kickback stature, the Stark Law, provider management risks, patient care, ability to pay, and discounts.
These risks and uncertainties include, among others, the cost, timing and results of clinical trials and other development activities involving pharmaceutical products; the unpredictability of the duration and results of regulatory review of New Drug Applications and Investigational NDAs; market acceptance for approved products; generic and other competition; the possible impairment of, inability to obtain and/or costs of obtaining intellectual property rights; and possible safety or efficacy concerns, general business, financial and accounting risks and litigation.
Founded in 1988 and headquartered just outside of Washington, DC, Aldebaron benefits its hundreds of clients by mitigating accounting risks associated with federal contract audits and by offering unmatched cost accounting value.
LONDON & NEW YORK -- Fitch Ratings believes that 2006 will be a calmer year for financial restatements and accounting risks as companies, standard setters, and their auditors aim to improve implementation of new requirements.
Hundreds of government contractors have chosen SYMPAQ SQL to mitigate the accounting risks associated with federal contract audits and improve project cost accounting.
However, implementation of the new accounting regime is not without risk, as described in this report, and investors face a number of accounting risks and challenges in 2005 and beyond.
Aldebaron serves its hundreds of clients by mitigating accounting risks associated with federal contract audits and by offering significant value.

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