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'In an environment where pension schemes face increased financial and administrative pressures, we are dedicated to helping them through their year-end accounting cycles and providing them with the tools to assist them in complying with the revised SORP guidelines.' said Robert Frazer, head of Northern Trust's Institutional Investor Group in the UK.
SunGard's open systems platforms utilize multiple CPUs to help customers shorten investment accounting cycles and reduce operating costs.
Unproductive working capital was found to be tied up in basic accounting cycles - for example in the manner in which accounts receivables and payable processes are being handled.
The program focuses on basic accounting cycles, analysis of financial statements, payroll preparation and introductory skills for computerized accounting systems.
A business has five "typical accounting cycles" that leave audit trails:
It explains accounting cycles of service and merchandising businesses, the voucher system and budgeting, accounts payable and receivable, fixed assets, payroll, partnerships and corporations, financial statement analysis, departmentalized accounting, and accounting system setup.
The business practices expressed by a specific cardinality pattern typically reach across all accounting cycles or business processes, as they are referred to in this paper.
The text provides concise coverage of technology, many documentation techniques, accounting cycles, database modeling, internal control, computerized controls, computer crime, computerized auditing, systems development, knowledge-processing systems, and electronic commerce.
Make sure the solution can handle various measures of time that meet process, reporting, and other needs such as accounting cycles, rolling budgets, and year-to-date figures.
1998 Factor Refi Cycles Average Monthly Payoff Volumes -16% Transaction Error Rate -41%(*) Aged Error Rate(@) -33% Staffing Requirements -33% Loans per Staff Member +74% Cost per Loan -50% @ Errors uncorrected after two accounting cycles (i.e., 60 days) * Freddie Mac changed the way it calculates the Transaction Error Rate in January 1998, to include transactions revised by the servicer, loans reported by the wrong servicer and loans not owned by Freddie Mac.
Surprisingly, lenders have opposed standardization of the reporting and remittance cycles because the current differences in accounting cycles between Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae actually help smooth out reporting peaks.
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