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For sure, using the accounting concept of net income results in higher income figures and higher taxes, but that seems to be justified by equity and developmental reasons beyond a certain farm size.
Other controversial issues related to the qualitative characteristics of financial reports involve the trade-off between relevance and reliability and the exclusion of traditional accounting concepts such as the going-concern principle, the substance-over-form doctrine, and conservatism.
These guidelines, often confused with materiality guidelines, are not used to determine whether disclosure of a matter is required but rather define an accounting concept or determine when a particular method should be applied.
Second, this edition presents a new module on Statement of Financial Accounting Concept (SFAC) No.
This type of an assignment has encouraged our students to reify or make explicit the application of accounting concept knowledge to new accounting problems.
While all interested parties agree an adequate ALLL is needed, often no agreement exists on a proper amount because often no consensus has been reached in practice on the objective (the accounting concept).
Students are also challenged to think the accounting concept from a user perspective by "Your turn" boxes in the body of the chapter, and in the cases' assignments in the end-of-the-chapter material.
Intended for a first course in accounting, the textbook uses QuickBooks Accountant 2018 for Accounting to create financial statements and reports, reinforce basic accounting concepts, and illustrate how computer software can be used to make business decisions.
The fundamental accounting concepts are the core of being able to do this, and that comes from my CMA program training.

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