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A Scottish Gas staff member talked methrough my account history.
The accounts will have he transactional benefits of business current accounts, and will give enterprises a platform to build an account history, useful when applying for borrowing, the banks said.
In the past, we had segmented accounts using factors such as balance, age of debt, and account history. We needed to take a more scientific approach in predicting customer behavior.
I would recommend any borrowers who have a mortgage with the Abbey that was taken out in the 1980s and early 90s to contact the Abbey and query their mortgage account history.
MMS gives each client online access to its account history from the company's own network or from any remote laptop--letting ASR's customer track inventory, check payments or analyze scrap production trends from anywhere in the world.
Collections fell behind, applications for new meters took longer to process, and it became increasingly difficult to track customer account history and interface with other departments.
The companies plan to integrate MindBox's ART Enterprise[TM] product family into MSI Services' CallCenterExpress--an advanced contact-center solution designed specifically for financial services companies that allows intelligent routing of calls according to loan type, real-time access account history, and customer profile and preview dialing.
Members can update their contact information in the CTFA member database, check their account history, search the membership directory and get the latest CTFA newsletters.
On checking my account history the bookmaker had settled it on the basis that I had bet on `first team to score'.
Users can access applications and information tools including online spare parts ordering; software information; account history; knowledge bases; online documentation; and consortium access.
In either case, he says, "It's a simple task to reorder from the account history; this is something anyone can learn to do."
They can avoid the monthly charge, and law enforcement cannot obtain an account history or accurately trace an account holder.