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I must now say a few words on what are called accidental means, but which more properly might be called occasional means of distribution.
Tenders are invited for ,, Auto Repair Accidental Means To Electrocentrale Branch Craiova Ii
leakage of lubricating oil And/Or damage to engine and/or gear box of the Insured Vehicle arising out of leakage of lubricating oil due to Accidental means.
Union Labor Life's standard AD&D benefit provides a schedule of varying lump sum benefits upon loss of life, sight or limbs by accidental means.
Attorney Glenn Bass of Atlanta, who represented Hallum, said, "Basically, the Georgia Supreme Court said to Provident, 'If you intended [to limit the definition to] injury by accidental means, all you had to do is say so.
Sudden means sudden, and accidental means accidental -- there is no ambiguity," Berrington said.
Accidental Death Benefit - Proceeds from this rider are payable in addition to the specified amount of the base policy if the death of the insured was caused by accidental means.