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This means fully understanding who pays for insurance, how long trucks were held for unloading, who will load and unload, pickup hours, accessorial service needs, density of the freight, and a dozen or more other variables.
FedEx also increased many of the most frequently used accessorial service charges such as residential, address correction, delivery area, and extended area surcharges.
Rates and charges within the CON-WAY rules and accessorial service tariff will be raised between 5 percent and 6 percent.
The team's initiative allows transportation service providers flexibility in managing their tenders, including adjusting rates, adding accessorial services, and providing concise audit trails for line-haul moves.
Many factors can contribute to excess costs, such as attempted pickup or delivery charges, exceeding maximum weight allowances or storage periods, shipping excess distances or unauthorized items, or even accessorial services such as packing and crating," said Brown.
Transportation Related Services / Accessories: The following accessorial services must be ordered at the time of the original request:
However, the transportation cost is not all inclusive of other charges for accessorial services required to move the cargo to its destination.
As explained to us, Families First does not fully meet Title VII documentation requirements for federal payments because the documentation that DOD is to use as evidence of receipt of accessorial services does not provide adequate assurances about the propriety of these services.
According to the Statement of Accessorial Services Performed (DD 619-1), the shipment was picked up on June 28, 1994, in Lubbock, Texas, and delivered into storage in transit (SIT) at the destination on July 8, 1994.
The industry is especially pleased to note MTMC's cooperation in shaping FSMP, support for extending the increase in accessorial services to pickup and delivery rates on SIT shipments, the adoption of an automatic fuel surcharge mechanism and continuing efforts to increase funding which would allow the adoption of commercial pricing.
This time, we booked it using a price-by-load method, with a list of charges for accessorial services, like forklifts, portable ramps, etc.