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Access Right

The authority a user of a computer program or a network has to access that program or network. One using a program or network without access rights is a hacker.

access right

The right of owners to get to or from their property. Legally, no land may be landlocked.Therefore, if a parcel is cut off from all public roads and there are no easements for ingress and egress,then the owner may bring suit and have a court declare an easement of necessity over the land of another. (This is one of the rare times when private individuals are able to bring condemnation actions and force another to give them property rights.)

Example:  Parcel B is landlocked, but the owner is entitled to access rights to public roads
and may force the owner of parcel A to provide an ingress and egress easement. The easement
must be via the most direct route to the nearest public road, without being unduly burdensome
on parcel A. The owner of parcel B may not force the owner of parcel A to provide a scenic route.

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Compliance with multiple regulations has placed significant labor and financial demands on businesses, and leading companies like Amscan are seeking to comply more efficiently and to minimize risk posed by inappropriate access rights," said Deepak Taneja, CEO of Aveksa.
com) provides policy-based provisioning solutions that automate the process of granting employees, contractors and business partners with access rights to the resources they need, whether inside or outside the corporate firewall.
The Juniper Networks SSL VPN solution provided granular network security management, and allows administrators to fine-tune access rights for individuals or groups.
In addition, high-security applications such as airports and political badging use oversized IDs to see who has access rights into restricted areas.
AccountCourier can prevent the provisioning of resources with segregation of duty violations, and ComplianceCourier can detect any inconsistencies or violation of policies in the assignment of access rights.
With Courion's ComplianceCourier, Sharp was able to automate the clean up and minimize the risk of orphaned accounts caused by access rights that were no longer valid or users who were no longer with the organization.
With SealedMedia, control and tracking stay with information wherever it is stored, transmitted or used, enabling information owners to revoke or change access rights, and to track use, even when the information is stored and used on end user desktops, inside and outside the firewall.
6 include Support Domain Access and Group Privilege Access which simplify the management of access rights to customer computers for help desks and commercial support organizations.
The solution enables companies to analyze all changes to access rights for corporate data and applications at any time.
It proposes an authentication service and verifying the access rights of users to RTE applications.
PROPERTY owners will need assurances from the Government if it relaxes access rights for shale gas operators, says the CLA in the North.