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Moreover, rise in disposable income owing to economic development will also propel the growth of intravenous access device market across the region.
With its pre-integrated comprehensive software support, Coyote offers a complete gateway and access device solution.
2-Definitions, under 2(a) Access Device, a new paragraph 2.
For the last 20 years, people have been carefully trained at how to flip channels - so at one extreme there might be a low-priced, sub-$100 access device for the couch potato.
The second issue involves developing ways that a computer and computer access device might be used to accomplish job tasks for which computers are not in current use.
The Asia-Pacific vascular access device market reached nearly $360 million in 2011.
The V-Switch is a breakthrough switching product that enables next generation digital loop carriers (NGDLCs) to operate independently of the Class 5 switch by providing dial tone and services directly to the access device.
Axerra's AXN10-8 Pseudo-Wire Access Device for Packet Networks won the "commended" award in the "Best Radio Access Product or Service" category.
The integrated access device market shows significant growth potential and Philips Semiconductors is targeting this area as part of a larger networking applications initiative.
Its products include VoiceStick that allows the user to make domestic and international long distance calls via the Internet, with the use of an included handset; and InternetTalker integrated access device, which enables the user to make worldwide phone calls over the Internet.
This week at GLOBALCOMM in Chicago, ZyXEL will showcase its new SMB VoIP Integrated Access Device and SMB VoIP router.
New to the solution is the industry's only combination of ATM Pseudo-Wires, Circuit Emulation Pseudo-Wires, and Ethernet Pseudo-Wires in a single access device optimally sized for BTS and NodeB cell sites and in a single gateway optimally sized for BSC and RNC sites.