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Acceptable Quality Level

The maximum number of defects a product can have to be deemed acceptable to sell to wholesalers or retailers. The acceptable quality level is important in the quality control of a product, especially when it is mass-produced.

acceptable quality level (AQL)

an agreed standard for error-free products. AQLs are often denoted as a percentage, the lower the percentage agreed for errors then the fewer defects allowed in the final product. AQLs are typically applied also to the supply of raw material and components and penalty clauses are incorporated into supply contracts to minimize defective inputs. See ACCEPTANCE SAMPLING, QUALITY CONTROL.
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If that company's "low-priced good exceed the average acceptable quality levels for most people" and if many people are "reserving their devotion and dollars for a basket of truly 'irresistible' brands" and if Toyota isn't simply irresistible, it may find itself having to do things that it has never had to do before vis-a-vis moving its sheet metal.
Bradford County Canton Borough Authority received a $5,318,670 loan and a $4,012,330 grant to renovate the authority's old and deteriorated wastewater treatment plant in order to bring its discharges into acceptable quality levels and also allow for the expansion of three businesses that will collectively create 221 new jobs and bring almost $40 million in new investment to the area.
Emphasize casting quality and develop programs to ensure meeting customers' acceptable quality levels.
Organizations utilize industry standard or custom building system classifications to define acceptable quality levels and perform inspections and ongoing field observations.
The rule will accomplish this by tightening current acceptable quality levels (AQLs) for leaks and visual defects observed during the random FDA testing of medical gloves.
Psytechnics' PESQ provides previously unavailable statistical analysis to Q-Master including improved clipping assessment and network delay measurements, which are severe impairments that need to be corrected to achieve acceptable quality levels.
Although we will experience an interruption in the supply of product to our customers, we anticipate a resumption of production as soon as acceptable quality levels are assured.
Testing for stuck-at faults and Iddq is adequate to ensure acceptable quality levels for ASICs designed for geometries larger than 130 nm.
SCANAuditor(TM) remedies healthcare supply chains by ensuring acceptable quality levels are met and by preventing data format errors, the two most common problems.

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