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1. The total demand for all goods and services in an economy. One calculates the absorption by adding the value of all goods and services produced and consumed locally to that of all imports.

2. A French term for acquisition.
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the sharing of indirect costs or OVERHEADS to units of product by means of COST RATES. Provided that actual overheads do not exceed BUDGET and that actual output is the same as budgeted output, then the overhead cost rate should allow total product cost to be determined, and a selling price set which will recover the overhead costs involved in producing and selling the product. See STANDARD COST, OVERHEAD COST VARIANCE.
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In this context, we believe that Edward Harrison is right to credit Poe as being the first to find a correct solution for this paradox (in 1848), since in the first four editions of his Populare astronomie [Popular astronomy] (1841, 1846, 1849, 1852) Johann Heinrich Madler proposed the solution of the absorbtion of light, and only in the fifth edition (1861), retitled Der wunderbau des weltalls, oder Populare astronomie [The wonderful structure of the Universe, or Popular astronomy], he advanced the modern solution, thus contradicting Struve's and Olbers' solution (the absorbtion of light) (Olbers was mentioned only in this fifth edition in connection with the question of the paradox).
The tether strap is lighter yet provides more shock absorbtion than previous models.
Their moisture issue was eliminated and the treated surface now resists water absorbtion and surface abrasion.
Elemental analysis of Na, Ca, Si and Al in bentonite were analyzed by Atomic Absorbtion Spectrophotometry.
From Figure 7, it can be observed that the doped samples have a higher absorbtion rate compared with that of the undoped BSO.
(%) 7.50 [+ or -] 1.00 Si[O.sub.2] (%) 71.00 [+ or -] 1.00 [Al.sub.2][O.sub.3] (%) 14.00 [+ or -] 1.00 [Fe.sub.2][O.sub.3] (%) 0.70 [+ or -] 0.10 Ti[O.sub.2] (%) 0.05 [+ or -] 0.01 CaO (%) 1.10 [+ or -] 0.30 MgO (%) 3.20 [+ or -] 0.20 [Na.sub.2]O (%) 0.25 [+ or -] 0.05 [K.sub.2]O(%) 1.00[+ or -] 0.10 Mineralogical analysis Montmorillonite (%) 80 Cristobalite-opal C (%) 17 K-feldspar (%) 3 Plagioclase (%) Trace Properties Cation exchange capacity (meq/100 gr) 85.0 [+ or -] 5.0 CaC[O.sub.3] (%) 0 Swelling (mL/2 gr) 8.0 [+ or -] 2.0 Sedimentation (72 hours) (mL) 10 Sintering point ([degrees]C) 1200 Bulk density (gr/lt) 800 [+ or -] 30 Clumping test Positive Clump weight (gr) 55 [+ or -] 5 Water absorbtion (%) 90 [+ or -] 5 Water absorbtion duration (sec) max.
This may be due to the fact that intraperitoneal or subcutaneous routes facilitate the rapid absorbtion of the substance.
Starkey says that the absorbtion with a 17th-century political power, and the Duke leading his country against would-be dictator Louis XIV of France, that led to him recognising the threat the Nazis posed before Hitler came to power.
As we can see, n value growing will conduct to an accentuated approach of mean queue length to the instantaneous queue length, that will act bursts absorbtion, whereas n value decrease will act queue limitation towards mean value.
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