Automated teller machine

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Automated teller machine (ATM)

Computer-controlled terminal located on the premises of financial institutions or elsewhere, though which customers may make deposits, withdrawals or other transactions as they would through a bank teller. Other terms sometimes used to describe such terminals are customer-bank communications terminal (CBCT) and remote service unit (RSU). Groups of banks sometimes share ATMs. Sometimes called Automated Banking Machines.
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Automated Teller Machine

Commonly called an ATM. A computer program located in a kiosk allowing the user to conduct certain banking transaction. Most often, an ATM allows the user to withdraw cash, but one may also check the balance of an account, make a deposit, make a payment, or conduct other transaction. The user may be assessed a fee to use an ATM, especially if the user's account is at a bank other than the one that owns the ATM.
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People close to DG Cash have mentioned that the exchange did encounter a variety of hurdles in their pursuit to launch these crypto ATM machines, but apparently they "prefer not to speak about it" and that "it's in the past now and we look to move forward."
Road in the 2.10am in morning at a 2017." In recent The offenders used an explosive device to force entry into the ATM machine. However, they were unsuccessful.
With the help of these multilingual pre-recorded voices, the user understands the process and interacts with the ATM machine by their well-known language.
The court indicted him of training two other accomplices, giving them money to buy equipment and supplying them with mobile phones to manufacture the explosives which were used in blowing up the ATM machines.
Two days later on July 19, another bank discovered a similar device on its ATM machine also at the D' Mall complex.
The ATM machine which the post office is applying for is desperately needed for the village as a whole, particularly the elderly people."
Four masked men pulled the ATM machine from the wall using adigger before loading it on the back of a low-loader.
Both devices were exactly the same colour as the ATM machine.
THIEVES decamped with Rs 3.9 lakh from an ATM machine of a nationalised bank in Greater Noida on Wednesday.
Items from West Bank include: computers, executive office furniture, art works, leather chairs, office equipment, storage and shelving, filing cabinets, decorative items, security cameras, Diebold ATM machine, fire-proof filing cabinets, various safes
It was that decision that was later overturned (in March 1985) by the federal appeals court, which determined that an ATM machine was not the equivalent of a bank branch in terms of the law in question.
Police somewhat jokingly speculated that the burglar may have brought the hand truck on his burglary attempt because he had a bad back, but soberly, they assume that he brought it along so that he could carry away the store's ATM machine.