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Even so, in the entire sample with respect to ASPI for the month of February the return coefficient seems to be large and positive.
Currently, ASPI recognizes that there are literally hundreds of various generic and industry-specific organizations that are seeking the involvement of its member and prospective member companies.
ASPI has a long history of providing collective benefits to the suppliers of differentiated goods and services to the paper industry.
The ASPI indices, created in 2001, are considered to be a significant benchmark for corporate responsibility for the managers of socially-responsible investment funds (SRI) and sustainable investment funds who wish to take into account social corporate responsibility in choosing their investment portfolio.
11 that it in turn add about a hundred points to the ASPI.
The ASPI Fall Meeting will take place October 7-9, 2004 at Lansdowne Resort & Conference Center, Leesburg, Virginia.
We are excited to be a part of the ASPI Consortium," said Tom Banahan, vice president of business development at Marimba, Inc.