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El Ashi has more than 17 years' experience in the financial services sector, specifically in asset management and commercial banking.
Goods can be transferred directly from the south to the [Syrian] border," Ashi said.
In a short ruling, Justice Ashi declared Kashamu's suspension as illegal and described the action of the party as being contemptuous and adjourned the matter till February for hearing.
Ashi also aims for sorting at source in the union's villages, but says no fines are planned for violators.
Vanyakulyendi kwamupire ngondo dakufunda vita vya muliparu lyendi pa wanuke, ntani kwa mutantelire nka ashi a kwate mavoko mavili nkehe kano ana wana mpopo aka hulira.
Conclusions: Our results showed that EA at the ST36 and Ashi acupoints effectively promoted recovery of the electrophysiological properties of the rabbit GM after contusion.
The last members of the royal family who lived in the palace were Ashi Choekey's family; they moved their base to Thimphu, the new capital of the country, in 1971.
Miss Ashi said: "I'm someone who if there's a threat likes to go out and openly face that threat.
TSPI and ASHI would provide "financial services in the form of credit, savings, microinsurance that are accessible to the poor," she said.
One of the designers that stood out for me was Mohammad Ashi of Ashi Studio -- we featured him in our January issue.
ASHI, a nonprofit organization established in 1976, provides education and support for independent home inspectors.
You can obtain a list of local home inspectors by calling the NAHI at 1-800-743-2744 or the ASHI at 1-847-759-2820.