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The refractive index of the monomers, copolymers, ASA rubber intermediates, antioxidants and UV stabilizers, processing aids, etc.
Although varicocele is suspected to be a possible etiologic factor in the development of ASAs, there is lack of comprehensive studies in this field.
Patients with both ASA and PFO who have had a stroke are at substantial risk for recurrent stroke despite aspirin therapy.
The TimeSlider extension has been made available by ASA for free download and use via the ASA Web site at
ASAS is based on the A-Key, a proprietary chip-based authentication token that is smaller than a typical house key and is plugged directly into the Universal Serial Bus (USB) port of any personal computer, laptop, thin client or other terminal device.
The ASAS RWS is the Intelligence processing system that provides this integration.
* Advise the Commander, 112th MI Brigade (Provisional), on ASAS training policy.
We also use ASAS to provide the enemy situation picture to the CINCs' Global Command and Control System (GCCS).
The ASAS New Equipment Training (NET) Team provides training for both the RWS and ASAS-L.
Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) Systems Manager (TSM) for the All-Source Analysis System (ASAS) hosted the 2001 ASAS Users Conference from 13 through 16 August 2001.
Today the All-Source Analysis System (ASAS) is a system of subsystems.