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Manage the ASAS configuration in the analysis and controi element (ACE).
Prepare ASAS tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP).
The course develops advanced skills on analytical methods and processes, intelligence preparation of the battlespace (IPB) and the intelligence cycle, threat assessment, and ASAS integration into mission operations.
The responsibility of the ASAS Master Analyst includes being an analyst who can direct, plan, and supervise ASAS intelligence operations including IPB, collection synchronization, integration of automation into the unit's mission, and the intelligence communications-processing architecture.
The AMAC target audience is the staff sergeant (SSG) through master sergeant (MSG) in MOS 96B or 98C who is or will be serving in an ACE as the Master Analyst or ASAS Enclave Senior Analyst.
The primary goal is to enable USAIC&FH instructors to leverage ASAS in a training environment and certify instructors on the ASAS-Single Source, ASAS All-Source, or Remote Workstations.
AICC is recommended for units that need additional ASAS training (beyond skill level 10) for some of their ASAS analysts, but do not need the in-depth training or expense of sending an analyst to the ASAS Master Analyst Course.