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But some young men, exasperated after years of marginalisation and persecution, are willing to openly praise ARSA.
In this study of the ARSA approach to priority budgeting, we ask the research question: Are departmental budget priorities driven by stability or are they responsive to economic condition?
21] The dilated proximal ARSA is also known as diverticulum of Kommerell.
Lead author of the ARSA study is Kantar Retail's John Rand, senior director of retail insights.
Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory have developed ARSA, the Automated Radioxenon Sampler/Analyzer, and RASA, the Radionuclide Aerosol Sampler/Analyzer, to provide more detailed and accurate data on surreptitious nuclear detonations faster than other systems.
The oceanographic vessel Miguel Oliver of the General Secretariat of Fisheries participates in a new edition of the ARSA campaign for the evaluation of fishery resources and the characterization of the maritime environment of the Gulf of Cdiz, with the scientific coordination of the Spanish Institute of Oceanography.
In the follow-up, the FIA obtained a four-day remand of Najeebullah for further investigation, during which he revealed that Javed, a cashier in Thailand embassy, and Idrees Fiazi, the owner of ARSA consultancy Afghanistan, were the main culprits running this illegal human smuggling gang,' the FIA official said.
Speaking yesterday at a meeting in Naypyidaw with Chief of Defence Force of the Singapore Armed Forces Lt-Gen Perry Lim, Burma's highest ranking military man said, 'It is most likely that terrorist organisations based in other countries are backing the ARSA extremist Bengali terrorists.
The ARSA has denied the allegations, saying it does not target civilians.
The Council also condemned the attacks against Myanmar's security forces that were carried out on August 25 in Rakhine State by the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) and expressed concern over human rights violations perpetrated by ARSA.
He categorically denied reports that ARSA was forcefully recruiting Rohingya men to fight against the Myanmar government.
ARSA on Thursday rejected a call to arms by al-Qaeda, which a day earlier promoted the waging of "jihad" in Myanmar.