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Adjustable-Rate Preferred Stock

A preferred stock paying a dividend that varies from time to time. Usually the dividend rate is the same as the interest rate on a Treasury security, which is adjusted quarterly. They may also be backed by mortgages or mortgage-backed securities. ARPS's tend to have stable prices because a drop in the common share's price is offset by a rise in bonds, and vice versa.
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PMO has accepted for payment, at a price equal to 89.75% of the liquidation preference of USD 25,000 per share (or USD 22,437.50 per share), plus any unpaid dividends accrued through the expiration date of the issuer tender offers, 1,064 Series C ARPS. Such ARPS represent approximately 28.47% of PMO's outstanding Series C ARPS as of the expiration of the issuer tender offers.
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Arps said he is current on all applicable laws and regulations and is a registered Washington State Bail Bond Agent.
Arp noticed that 75 compact radio sources, some of them sporting very large redshifts, appeared unusually close to a few dozen of his peculiars.
Responsiveness in highly competitive markets is enhanced with reduced lead-times and predictable order cycles, driving firms to implement and maintain effective ARPs. Rather than being a detri ment to ARP effectiveness, we see competitive intensity as a positive influence of ARP effectiveness, because firms often implement these programs as a result of this uncertainty, rather than despite it.
Arps demonstrates these varying understandings of the act of reading with his ethnographic accounts of reading sessions he attended.
(6) Indifference to ARPs persists even though dividends are adjusted to keep in line with changes in the yields of Treasuries.
Arps, formerly a Director with the firm, joined Stonybrook Capital in 2012 as a co-founder and today is also a member of the Management Board.
Putnam Investments and the board of trustees of the Putnam Funds has approved in principle a tender offer by Putnam Managed Municipal Income Trust (NYSE: PMM) and Putnam Municipal Opportunities Trust (NYSE: PMO) to purchase up to 100% of the outstanding preferred shares (ARPS) of each Fund for cash at a price per share equal to 89.75% of liquidation preference of each series of ARPS, the company said.
[ClickPress, Tue Jun 03 2014] Uruguay Mobile Operator KPI Market to 2015: Average Revenue Per Subscription (ARPS) by Operator report provides a top-level overview and detailed insights into the operating environment for mobile operators.