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In 1994, the travel agents agreed with the PIA at a minimum benchmark of two per cent for each travel agent every year on the conditions that APTA members will only promote PIA and each agent's yearly sales must not be less than APS250,000 per annum.
Rob LaBreche, CEO, appreciated the proactive approach the APTA was taking to combat student loan debt, "Tuition is increasing across the board, but it's really exciting and motivating to see an association, like the APTA, work to get this knowledge into the hands of their students and professionals.
En el oriente de Mexico, Powell y Brown (1990) encontraron a Eudocima apta junto con otras especies de las familias Noctuidae y Sphingidae tipicas de tierras bajas en zona montanosa a 2.350, 2.700 y 3.900 msnm, fuera del rango de distribucion de sus plantas hospederas, ellos se unieron a la hipotesis ya planteada por Janzen (1987) en Costa Rica, quien sugiere que estas migraciones y concentraciones de polillas en alta montana pueden ser influenciadas por factores como la presion de los enemigos naturales y la disponibilidad de alimento, que motivan la migracion de algunas especies de mariposas con capacidad de volar grandes distancias como E.
According to 2014 data from the APTA, HR dominates among FG modes
Addressing the participants, office bearers of APTA President Raja Mohammad Saeed, Vice President Chaudhry Babar, and Secretary General Malik Mohammad Nawaz paid rich tribute to martyrs of Chicago and expressed solidarity with the labor community of the country on labor day.
APTA staged a protest rally from Airport, Faizabad towards Morgah on Monday.
Noor Habib Khan, the Spokesman of All Primary Teachers Association (APTA) KP told that a grant of 7.5 percent as ad-hoc relief allowance in the pay and pension of the government employees announced in the federal budget 2015-16 was not sufficient keeping in view the prevailing price hike situation.
This partnership is an opportunity for Bioness to generate awareness and offer rehabilitation solutions to the 76,000 current APTA members.
Axalta Coating Systems and the Automotive Workshop Owners Association (APTA), an entity dedicated to educating future automotive repair professionals, opened the doors to the first Center of Coating Technology Training (CENTRE), in the Munro locality of Buenos Aires province.
According to data collected by the American Public Transportation Association (APTA), Americans took 10.7 billion trips on public transportation in 2013--the highest number since the 1950s when many fewer of us owned our own cars.
(III) Agencia Paulista de Tecnologia dos Agronegocios (APTA), Itapetininga, SP, Brasil.
Two public transportation associations, Brussels-based UNIFE and Washington-based APTA, signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on 5 November at an event hosted by the EU Delegation in Washington.