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1. A formal request. Generally, one must fill out an application form as part of the application process.

2. See: Application Program.


Shorthand for appreciation.
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Warehouse staff verify overall condition, quantity received, and individual piece weight, then relay this information to APPI.
Several banks have already implemented savings solutions with alternate electricity supply that were identified and implemented by APPI.
After repeated complaints by traders and term clients, the APPI panel on April 1, 1997, introduced twice-weekly assessments to make them more responsive to changes in the spot market.
Bringing the APPI Certification Program to the United States further illustrates Cross Country Education's desire to bring relevant and innovative continuing educational opportunities to the nation's rehab practitioners," Cross Country Education President Greg Greene said.
Silverchair is excited to collaborate with APPI to create a powerful web application to deliver the premier reference sources in psychiatry," said Thane Kerner, president and CEO of Silverchair.
APPI specializes in Whole Plant Pharmaceuticals and its product "Lo-Chol" showed improved cholesterol HDL /LDL levels up to 46% in studies.
As part of APPI's efforts to create worldwide marketing for their products, the agreement with APPI Sweden opens up new territories, which include Finland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Mocana, a software company that is enabling a secure networked society, announced that APPI Tecnologia, a global provider of electronic financial transfer software, has selected Mocana's Embedded SSL Client to secure its POSWEB Browser.
We are pleased to have Robert Hammerstein joining us in our ongoing mission to facilitate the advancement and achievement of APPI as a leader in the Whole Plant Pharmaceutical industry" Said David Lieberman, Company President.
will create and air a television infomercial for APPI products (Lo-Chol and ACA) as per their agreement with The Shopping Channel Israel (Arutz Hakeniyot), the only home television shopping channel in Israel.
Syagen is also the leader in photoionization and its PhotoMate([R]) line of APPI sources are sold to leading OEM customers such as Agilent, Thermo Electron, Waters, and Shimadzu.