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1. A formal request. Generally, one must fill out an application form as part of the application process.

2. See: Application Program.
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Shorthand for appreciation.
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Users will need to tap on the box to the right of the app they want disabled, then tap on "Turn on now" to disable them.
This year, another state called Johor, developed its KITAR3cycle app that allows people redeem 'Recycling Points' (RP) that can be converted into cash, items and shopping vouchers.
After a hard work, people need some minutes to let their brain have a rest, so entertaining apps are a very good option.
The sole purpose of these malicious apps is to obtain sensitive information from unsuspecting users.
According to state media, the company has recently removed around 25,000 apps from its Chinese store in an effort to cooperate the regime.
The report showed that Chinese consumer spending through Google Play, the iOS App Store, and third-party Android stores jumped 270 per cent to roughly $33 million over the past two years.
Conversely, low-quality, deceptive copycats positively affected the demand for the original app, as they serve to advertise the original, but due to their poor quality, offer no significant competition.
Google play versus the app store: The comparison between the app stores.
The goal of considering these factors is not to create a score, but rather to be aware of them and consider them in the context of the specific app, patient, and clinical situation.
Mobile app development India is building hybrid applications with the help of two popular robust frameworks - "Xamarin" and "PhoneGap." Xamarin and PhoneGap provide strong and robust backend of an application.
To thank the one million plus customers who downloaded the Ooredoo App, Ooredoo has announced the launch of a new free bonus allowance promotion.