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The aim of this article was to use ultrasound to characterize static bare foot plantar tissue responses to different APFO geometries.
Dyneon has offered to licence this APFO containment technology to other companies in the industry.
This year, Kelydra focused on APFO, the chemical that has been worrisome to her neighbors in Parkersburg.
In addition to source reduction technology for APFO in dispersion, DuPont also is offering royalty-free access to its patents and technology for PFOA emissions abatement, water treatment and recovery for reuse, according to the company.
As if the conflict-prone nature of the Horn of Africa were not sufficient to frustrate the creation of an IGAD peace and security architecture, other challenges were identified in the research and roundtable discussions of the APFO project.
This three-year project was conceived prior to the signing of the CPA as a contribution to longer-term "Track II" diplomacy efforts by APFO and Project Ploughshares.
While APFO was particularly engaged with the Sudanese, Ploughshares and the Canadian government supported us, a very, small NGO that was trying to get all the parties in Sudan to continue with the peace process.
It was suggested that this is a concrete initiative that APFO and Project Ploughshares could follow up as part of their ongoing work.
APFO Africa Peace Forum ATT Arms Trade Treaty CCC Canadian Council of Churches CD Conference on Disarmament FMCT Fissile Material Control Treaty HEU High enriched uranium IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency IANSA International Action Network on Small Arms LEU Low enriched uranium NGO Non-governmental organization NPT Non-Proliferation Treaty NWS Nuclear weapon state(s) PoA Programme of Action (on small arms) PrepCom Preparatory Committee SALW Small arms and light weapons UNGA United Nations General Assembly WCC World Council of Churches WINAD Women's Institute for Alternative Development
APFO engages civil society and the political community in ongoing and joint exploration of new approaches to security arrangements in the region.
Joining Aisha at APFO is Richard Damianopoulos from Aurora, Ontario.