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According to APCIMS chief executive Angela Knight, this buoyancy "bears out the optimism of the standard-bearers of e-commerce.
Hedge funds have also become a lot more accessible to private clients and APCIMS have now taken the decision to include a 5% weighting in its Growth and Balanced indices.
Our own association, APCIMS, was part of this group, as was the Building Societies Association, and the Association of Investment Trust Companies.
Angela Knight, chief executive of the investor ginger group APCIMS, welcomed the move.
'London is saying it wants to create broader and deeper markets,' said Angela Knight, chief executive of Apcims, the British smaller private brokers' association which represents a large chunk of LSE shareholders.
'This is public acknowledgement of the concerns of investment firms in the UK,' said Angela Knight, chief executive of Apcims, which represents Britain's retail brokerages and fund managers.
'OFEX is a corporate sponsor of Proshare, an associate member of APCIMS, and has spoken at events held by the Guild of Shareholders, the Institute of Directors, the Business Link and Business Angel networks, various national and international business schools.
APCIMS chief executive Angela Knight said: "Volumes are well down from their boom time peaks, with August being the lowest month.
On Thursday, Apcims, the British private retail broker association which accounts for about a third of LSE shareholders recommended keeping the cap for now until the exchange has thrashed out a new strategy that everyone is happy with.
Britain's private client brokerage association, APCIMS, said the LSE had made the 'right decision' by dropping its iX merger plan.
'This reinforces the need for a delay in the vote so that the shareholders can decide the best way forward for the London Stock Exchange,' said APCIMS chief executive Ms Angela Knight, who urged the LSE to make public details of the Euronext offer.
Guest speaker will be Angela Knight, chief executive, APCIMS.