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The objective was to teach students how to cite sources properly using APA style and how to use Turnitin to avoid plagiarism.
For those interested in alternative forms of writing or nonpositivist forms of knowledge, APA style acts as a gatekeeper, discouraging their participation or "marginalizing" their contributions.
One exception to APA style will be in the citation of electronic sources.
Features a sample manuscript showing common deviations from correct APA style and a version demonstrating appropriate use of APA style
Of course, there are also those students (or advisors) who are trying to publish theses or dissertations who basically submit these documents in the form that their institution requires, rather than in APA style.
The official APA style emerged historically at the same time as the behaviorist program began to dominate experimental psychology.
height, width, and length") according to APA style.
Information regarding APA style is available at http://www.
The following are some of the more technical aspects of APA style and format that garner significant attention by reviewers of PSC manuscripts.
This second edition has been updated to reflect current APA style guidelines, and now offers a new chapter feature called, "Why should I care about research if I don't want to do research in my career?
In a visual case study approach, they present contextualized information on the standard topics in research methodology, from guiding research philosophies, techniques and designs to classic experiments and report writing per the latest APA style manual.
This three-hole punched lab manual for a psychology research methods course walks through developing a research project and formatting a complete report in APA style, and provides exercises that give students practice with skills learned in a research methods course.