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For the first APA peer review class, students bring in a print copy of their project proposal formatted as an APA paper and adhering to APA style rules.
This investigation was initially proposed to design and validate a rubric to evaluate scientific articles and their conformity to APA style. During this process, many findings were found, allowing for the final configuration of the rubric for the reworking of the initial goal.
Student performance across courses indicate that 95% of students attended the "Finding Sources" library workshop and 92% of students attended the "APA style" library workshop.
The process of research writing: citing your research using MLA or APA style. Retrieved April 12, 2010 from http://www.stevendkrause.com/tprw/
Similar to APA style, a journal's guidelines for authors is something that should be adhered to when preparing manuscripts.
It gives an overview of the salient characteristics of APA style, which a tutor could then expand upon one-to-one with the student.
Another good site is "APA Style Essentials" created by Douglas Degelman and Martin Harris of Vanguard University (http:// www.vanguard.edu/faculty/ddegelman/index.aspx?doc id=796).
Furthermore, in the chapters "Skinheads: A Three Nation Comparison" and "The Ku Klux Klan: Evolution Towards Revolution" the author provides references but not in APA style, as is used in the rest of the chapters.
Content is to be written in a scholarly manner much like a textbook using 5th APA style references.
* Provide two library instruction sessions that covers the use of library databases, Turnitin plagiarism prevention system, and APA style.
There are others: The New York Times Manual of Style and Usage, the American Medical Association's AMA Style, the American Psychological Association's APA Style, the MLA (Modern Language Association) Handbook, WiredStyle (from Wired magazine), and so on.
Generally, I format my references in APA style. RefWorks has a special feature that also prints the abstract of every study just after the citation, thus creating an annotated bibliography.