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Generally, the taxpayer will represent in the annual report that its activities have not materially changed from those described to the IRS during the APA negotiations, and that the critical assumptions continue to be met.
Tim Jones, who has family roots in the Adirondacks going back four generations, typifies many others who have been told by the APA that the private land they own is suddenly state-controlled property.
This was demonstrated by the fact that the samples were easily transferred from a compaction mold to the APA mold with no degradation or decompaction of the samples;
In an attempt to ease the APA practitioners' transition into the revised APA, the authors offer the following two cross-reference tables--one which traces each provision from the old APA to its new location in the revised APA, and one which identifies the pre-1996 location (if any) of each provision in the revised APA.
For many property managers and for most self-managed buildings, APA provides back-office services at sizeable savings over the cost of doing work in-house.
The proposed acquisition, by giving APA access to more complete information along the supply chain, may allow APA to increase transmission and storage charges as compared to an alternative acquirer of Iona.
Lead attorney for the plaintiffs, Hassan Zavareei, explained, "This decision by the DC Circuit establishes the basis for a nationwide class against the APA for its deceptive charges of its own members.
TEI's members are responsible for managing the tax affairs of their companies and must contend daily with the provisions of the tax law relating to the operation of business enterprises, including submitting APA requests, both in the United States and around the world.
Sheikholeslam said that Pakistan will receive the rotating presidency of the APA from Syria during this year's summit.
APA was founded in 1993, previous chairmen were the former Siemens-CEO Heinrich v.
Gas infrastructure operator APA Group made a preliminary offer to take control of gas distributor Envestra Ltd in a A$1.