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To help speed development of applications based on the latest mixed-signal and NVM technology, AMIS also offers an emulation board and mixed-signal test ICs for designers to develop and debug their software in parallel to hardware development.
The AMIS-74980x family of ambient light sensors, with its lower cost and small form factor, benefits price- and size-sensitive mobile applications," said Jon Stoner, CTO of AMI Semiconductor.
With the introduction of AMI Semiconductor's Ambient Light Sensor, consumers can communicate in a wider variety of lighting environments for longer periods of time.
The implementation of FLIR's proprietary microbolometer production process further demonstrates AMI Semiconductor's value as a foundry for complex semiconductor components.
Automotive designers are demanding actuator and controller solutions that help them simplify and speed application development," says Tony Denayer, AMI Semiconductor's senior vice president, high voltage communications and ASSPs.
During 2005, ABT engaged with AMIS to complete an FPGA-to-ASIC conversion into an 180nm cell-based device using AMI Semiconductor's unique hybrid interface combining FPGA-to-ASIC support with SoC integration expertise.
In addition, AMI Semiconductor and Starkey entered into a long-term supplier agreement whereby AMI Semiconductor is now the major supplier of silicon for Starkey's hearing aid products.
Numerous medical device companies have come to rely on AMI Semiconductor to meet the critical technical requirements of implantable devices," said Robert Tong, senior vice president of the medical and wireless product line at AMIS.