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CPU (Central Processing Unit)

the brain of a COMPUTER which stores and processes data.
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Matthew and Bernadette Alu. She is from Afikpo in Ebonyi State and attended Bishop Lasbrey Girls secondary school, as well as Ikenegbu primary school in Owerri, Imo State.
The prosecuting counsel for the EFCC, Mr Rotimi Oyedepo, had told the judge that Section 15(3) of the Money Laundering (Prohibition) Act, which Obi and Alu were convicted of violating, prescribed a maximum prison term of 14 years for an offender.
The human face to that is widespread hunger and poverty of ordinary Filipinos," ALU vice-president Luis Corral said.
Accordingly, ALU is at the forefront of incorporating doctrine from Field Manual (FM) 3-0, Operations, into all professional military education curricula.
"Ms Machel, Mandela's widow, said the programme aims at creating better leaders."ALU is a groundbreaking Pan-African institution that combines knowledge, skills, leadership and workplace experience.
The exonization event of many transposable elements, including Alu, leads to new exon creation by providing novel splicing sites [12].
"There is this big stigma that you don't talk about loss," Amber Alu, 30, added.
She was promptly appointed head of the ALU's women's committee and said she was "proud to represent my country in such an important
"We used to even take her with us while visiting Alu's grave on Fridays.
DuoSplit Alu products are said to be compatible with the use of refrigerant gases R410A and R407C.
Prof Andrea Alu, from the University of Texas at Austin, said if you want to make an object transparent at all angles and over broad bandwidths, their cloak is a good solution.
LGS Innovations, an independent subsidiary of Alcatel-Lucent (NYSE:ALU)(Paris: ALU) dedicated solely to serving the US Federal Government, announced on Tuesday the appointment of Rich Martin as chief information officer of the company.