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relationship with Agricola and want to continue to develop this.
At the same time, this geographical competitive advantage generates great synergy with the banking presence of Banco Agricola in El Salvador, resulting in a fitting alliance for Salvadorenos in the United States.
16 Spenser's knowledge of the Agricola and Germania seems to derive from the (often lengthy) passages quoted by Buchanan, Camden, and Holinshed.
following the diamond drilling program completed by Agricola earlier in 2008
The annual Agricola Medal honors individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the promotion of sustainable food production and the eradication of poverty.
Jason Maginnis, 52 BTY, 4 Regt RA, Op Agricola, BFPO 555
At the same date, Agricola maintained sound financial indicators, with the equity/assets ratio at 11.
Variation to the terms of Joint Venture with Agricola Resources PLC
The underlying collateral for the series 2002-1 notes consists of diversified payment rights generated by Banco Agricola S.
The guys of RECCE Pl 1 R Irish, Op Agricola BFPO 559
Each issue is explored with particular reference to Valla, Agricola, Ramus, Nizolius, Vives, and Melanchthon.
Should it be required, we believe Agricola would look to Bancolombia for support.