Associated General Contractors of America

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Associated General Contractors of America (AGCA)

A trade association for general contractors; established in 1918 after Woodrow Wilson expressed a need for such an organization. The organization's Web site is
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Veanse AGCA A 3 L 2900 E 43163 sobre la carta del cura de Soloma y varios expedientes en AGCA A 1 6114 y A 3 L 2900 43182 respecto a las cordilleras del 27 de enero y las respuestas a las mismas.
Los informes se encuentran en AGCA A 3 L 2900 E 43183, 43184, 43185, 43197, 43198 y 43202, y los nombres de los firmantes se encuentran en un listado de <<comisionados>>.
Veanse AGCA A 1 44 L 3018 E 29070, 1813 para mas informacion sobre los numeros de tributarios y AGCA A 3 L 237 E 4706, 1790 sobre las tasas tributarias.
These lines retrieve records that have the same TI in AGCA database.
Alex Sao-Wei Lee, Partner and Head of Secondary Investments at Axiom Asia, recounted, "We are very pleased to be working with AGCA on this transaction and look forward to a successful partnership with them.
Jim Burkett, AGCA Task Force Chair states, "After diligent research on industry solutions, we determined that Primavera's PrimeContract offers the most comprehensive solution available and one that provides the depth and breadth necessary to allow us to expand our use of their services in the future.
Primavera has planned educational initiatives for AGCA members and will offer PrimeContract to its membership at a discount.
JCI, nominated by the AGCA for consideration in this program, was recognized by the Business Roundtable with a 1995 Certificate of Merit.