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He also emphasized that AFS is a private company that will remain so for the near term.
AFS is the leading Arab company for electronic banking, personal payment instruments and related services.
AFS enables its customers to easily and reliably connect to a city's most important points of communications presence, including ILEC central offices and wire centers; CLEC PoPs; Internet Service Provider (ISP) and data center locations; Inter-exchange "carrier hotels;" wireless providers and cable company head ends; and Fortune 1000 companies.
AFS is the industry leader in the provision of commercial lending solutions to financial institutions, combining the systems, execution expertise, and management information to mitigate risk, reduce costs, and increase revenue.
Deshmane was a member of several automakers' alternative vehicle systems development teams, including the team at Ford Motor Company, where he was involved in systems engineering, power electronics and hydrogen fuel cells before joining AFS Trinity in 2004.
Reynolds AFS Director Foundry General Manager Lufkin Industries
From banks to retailers to utilities, businesses of all types count on AFS for solutions that enable them to process payments, transactions and documents more efficiently and profitably.
There also will be an opportunity to meet some of the AFS national officers and Board of Directors to discuss current metalcasting issues.
Thomas has been volunteering with AFS-USA for 45 years in every aspect of the organization, leading AFS efforts in the state of Virginia for the past 15 years.
With Call's enthusiasm and the continued hard work of the AFS associates, the Society and its membership have even better days ahead of themselves," said Edge.
Having previously been a senior bank executive and AFS customer, I understand the full cycle of commercial banking, from credit and operations, to underwriting and collections," Kulkin said.