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Baxter said speed to market is critical in the telecommunications business and Cushman & Wakefield "enables AFS to efficiently deploy our dark-fiber networks in mid-size American cities."
Although AFS is not as commonly employed as other established methods, like atomic absorbance, its main advantage is greater sensitivity due to the fluorescence signal's low background noise.
"For the last 14 years, Ben has been with Associated Equipment Distributors, a trade association that serves and represents distributors of heavy construction, forestry, and mining equipment," said Doug Kurkul, the CEO of AFS. "His responsibilities over the years have included membership development and retention, onboarding new regional managers, coordinating chapters, organizing their EHS and leadership conferences, hosting 20plus members of the U.S.
* See the AFS Institute course offerings and test drive an e-Learning module.
A 5-kg tin of Momin Ghar ghee was sold for 420 afs, a kilo of African black tea for 200 afs and the same quantity of Indonesian green tea for 175 afs, he added.
AFS Northwest Regional Conference AFS VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA
Food prices saw no change, as a 50-kilogram bag of Pakistani sugar sold for 1,850 afs, the same quantity of flour for 1,080 afs and rice for 3,200 afs -- the same rates as last week.
Meanwhile, a 50-kg Pakistani rice was priced 3,200 afs against last week's 3,150afs, said Haji Fazl Rahman, head of the Food Traders' Union.
Abdul Qodus, a shopkeeper in the Dohn-i-Bagh area of Kabul, sold a 50-kg sack of Pakistani rice at 3,500 afs and a 50-kg bag of Brazilian sugar at 2,200 afs.
But prices of other food items remained unchanged, as a 50-kg bag of Pakistani flour sold at 990 afs, a kilo of African black tea at 200 afs and a similar quantity of Indonesian green tea priced 170 afs, said Rahman.
The American Foundry Society (AFS) will present Dan Oman, vice president, RMT Inc., Ann Arbor, Mich., the James P.
The price of a 50-kg Brazilian flour rose from 1,850 afs to 2,040 afs and the same quantity of rice increased from 2,300 afs to 3,040 afs, the head of the Food Traders Union said.