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American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada

A labor union for North American musicians. It lobbies and negotiates contracts for better pay and working conditions. It also attempts to protect copyrights for musicians' intellectual property. It was established in 1896 by members of the American Federation of Labor (now the AFL-CIO).

Amman Financial Market

A securities exchange in Jordan. It was established in 1976 and traded in stocks, government and corporate bonds, and negotiable certificates of deposit, among other securities. It was the only exchange in Jordan and was replaced by the Amman Stock Exchange in 1999.
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The first AFM was held at the Westwood Marquis Hotel (now the W) in West Los Angeles.
It's sad--they're almost saying 'My film doesn't matter so I choose to have a booth four blocks away,'" says AFM managing director Jonathan Wolf, who claims the cost issue is "absolutely false.
Besides its potential as a DNA sequencer, Wickramasinghe says, the electrified AFM tip could also be a "nano inkjet printer.
But as engineers and scientists become more immersed in studying nanoscale material and creating complex microsystems and nanosystems, the newer uses of more advanced AFM will become increasingly important.
Prior to imaging, AFM samples are simply mounted onto a stage using doubled-sided carbon tape and no further processing is required.
Comparisons of tip shape data generated from AFM imaging to that determined from indentation of fused silica (for example, see Fig.
The AFM process succeeded where nothing other than a very laborious hand-deburring operation of questionable repeatability had been able to do the job.
The consensus is far from unanimous, but all reasons seem to contribute to making AFM an established appointment in the calendar year--and Santa Monica participants' favorite venue.
In the run-up to the market, AFM managing director Jonathan Wolf reports that the number of accreditation requests for new buyer companies has doubled.
A standard atomic-force microscope, or AFM, probes a sample by means of a tiny cantilever with a sharp, downward-pointing tip (SN: 1/1/05,p.