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American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada

A labor union for North American musicians. It lobbies and negotiates contracts for better pay and working conditions. It also attempts to protect copyrights for musicians' intellectual property. It was established in 1896 by members of the American Federation of Labor (now the AFL-CIO).

Amman Financial Market

A securities exchange in Jordan. It was established in 1976 and traded in stocks, government and corporate bonds, and negotiable certificates of deposit, among other securities. It was the only exchange in Jordan and was replaced by the Amman Stock Exchange in 1999.
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While other etiologies of AFM continue to be investigated, this study provides further evidence that enterovirus infection may be a factor in AFM.
Since the CDC began tracking AFM, the number of cases has risen every 2 years.
To ascertain early recognition of AFM by clinicians, the number of days from onset of limb weakness to hospitalization and receipt of MRI were compiled.
Currently, there are no proven ways to either treat or prevent AFM. And at least half of patients do not recover from the illness, CDC officials have said.
In his welcome remarks, AFM senior pastor from White City branch, Mr Ontefetse Leselamose said pledges were continuing to come through, noting that currently the pledges stood at P50 000, adding that the construction of the church was meant for the generations to come because as a congregation, they had been 'saved to serve'.
"About half of kids with AFM will strengthen up enough on their own that they won't require any form of surgical intervention for their nerves.
For 2018, the AFM placed an increased emphasis on industry intelligence and education, expanding its programming line-up of conferences, roundtables, workshops, and spotlight events, and added the AFM Gallery at Le Merigot Hotel as an additional venue.
For the upper surface measurement, the AFM system is operated in VR mode.
Roberts begins with a thorough rehashing of the AFM's struggle to deal with the proliferation of recorded music in the 1930s.
"Asylum Research's innovative nanomechanical scan modes and environmental capabilities have made it possible for us to address the specific demands of polymer scientists with our new Cypher ES Polymer Edition AFM system," said John Green, Director of Sales.
As fulfillment of the mission of AFM, host of the event, seventy-five percent (75%) of the net proceeds will be invested back into additional transitional housing for Joplin in partnership with the Catholic Charities of Southwest Missouri.