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Any communication designed to raise awareness and produce a desired effect. An advertisement may occur through any medium, be that print, broadcast, imagery, or even word of mouth. Many advertisements are basic; for example, there may be a radio announcement to "buy X." Others are more complex, encouraging purchase by stating a product has a better price and/or better quality. Many advertisements are intended to entertain. They are an integral part of marketing. Informally, an advertisement is called an advert or an ad.

American Depository Share

A certificate issued by an American bank representing a share of a foreign stock the bank holds in trust but that is traded on an American stock exchange. An American depository share is dollar-denominated and entitles the bearer to any dividends and other benefits associated with the single share underlying it. In other words, an American depository share is a single share of an American depository receipt.
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American depositary share (ADS).

When a company based overseas wants to sell its shares in the US markets, it can offer them through a US bank, which is known as the depositary.

The depositary bank holds the issuing company's shares, known as American depositary shares (ADSs), and offers them to investors as certificates known as American depositary receipts (ADRs). Each ADR represents a specific number of ADSs.

ADRs are quoted in US dollars and trade on US markets just like ordinary shares. While hundreds are listed on the major exchanges, the majority are traded over the counter, usually because they're too small to meet exchange listing requirements.

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