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Automatic Data Processing (ADP)

A private company that acts as an intermediary to perform proxy services for several banks and brokers. Distributes proxy material to beneficial owners, tabulates the returned proxies, and provides the Corporation or its tabulator compiled reports of the tabulation results. ADP also distributes quarterly reports and other corporate information to the beneficial owners.
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ISO 4217 code for the Andorran peseta. In practice, the currency was identical to the Spanish peseta, which was replaced by the euro in 1999. The Andorran peseta circulated alongside the Andorran franc.
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ADP-ribosylation by both DT and PE was detected by color development in the solid-phase assay, whereas heat-inactivated DT and CT, which ADP-ribosylates Gproteins, did not ADP-ribosylate eEF2, and no increase in the signals was observed (Fig.
Performing the ADP-ribosylation either in a separate vial or directly in the wells on immobilized eEF2 resulted in clear detection of DT activity (Fig.
Collier and Kandel (22) developed a system for the detection of the toxin-mediated ADP-ribosylation of eEF2.
Analysis of ADP-ribosylation by DT and PE has previously used radioactively labeled [NAD.sup.+] (26).
All techniques known to date rely on 3 basic principles: (a) the immunologic detection of DT such as the common Elek test (29) and a number of derivatives such as immunoblots, ELISAs [beta]0, 31), immunochromatographic strip assays [beta]2), assays based on fluorescence nanocrystal quantum-dots [beta]3), hydrogel-based protein microchips [beta]4), and antibody-based microarrays [beta]5); (b) the molecular biological detection of the tox-gene by PCR assays [beta]6); and (c) the detection of the enzymatic activity of DT by infecting guinea pigs (4, 31), in vitro translation assays, and ADP-ribosylation assays (22).
In vitro translation assays are too indirect for sufficient reliability, and Western blot-based ADP-ribosylation assays do not allow quantification of DT activity.
Diphtheria toxin: site and configuration of ADP-ribosylation of diphthamide in elongation factor 2.
ADP-ribosylation of elongation factor 2 by diphtheria toxin: NMR spectra and proposed structures of ribosyl-diphthamide and its hydrolysis products.
Endogenous ADP-ribosylation for eukaryotic elongation factor 2: evidence of two different sites and reactions.

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